When We Were Minnows...

Big Fish Networking was founded in 1999 to provide a bigger pond for more fish - we felt that there was a need for more informal and person-to-person networking than even the best of networking groups can provide.

Since the founding, many things have changed - and will continue to do so. If they work hard and get lucky, minnows DO grow up and become real live Big Fish. We have evolved from being a place to "hang out" and meet people to a real resource for our community. We want to provide more than just a place for people to rub shoulders.

Our mission is to provide an environment for enriching connections and we aim to keep trying every lure in the fishing box to attract the right kind of fish. That's why we will ALWAYS be changing. BUT, some things will stay the same - there will be no charge to be one of the school - no membership fees and no attendance requirements. Our goal is to make Big Fish events so valuable and interesting that you just can't stand to miss one!

We solicit advice from all the people who attend our events and invite EVERYONE to consider sponsorship. It's a great way to get your message to a lot of very serious fish!